About me


What I'm working on

Recently graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR with a concentration in illustration and printmaking, I’m working on experimenting with form and color via ceramics and layering of ink and texture with Risograph printing.

I enjoy drawing custom illustration for products that I create such as keychains, pencil cases, tote bags, t-shirts, socks, ceramic-ware, and beer and wine labels.

Who I am

My name is Amy Bonin and I’m a Portland based Illustrator and Maker that loves to give more personality to animals and everyday objects through my illustrations.

My light hearted and whimsical drawings use bold saturated colors with expressive lines to create playful pieces using a mixture of traditional media, screen printing, and digital illustration.


My Process



I gather lots of information and make lists to help pull out key ideas to help inform the illustration.



After picking a thumbnail, I’ll make a more detailed sketch and then refine that image a couple of times.



Next I make a bunch of smaller really rough drawings to develop composition and work out design.



I’ll complete the illustration with color, line work, detail, and any texture to really give life to the finished piece!