About this collection:

Roar and explore is a back to school line of products for kids that inspire their wild creative side and to not be afraid of exploring new ideas and possibilities! These products include all things school and work related like notebooks, keychains, pencils, and a pencil pouch.


Pouch Pals


Inspired from the depths of the jungle and the magic of a day at the zoo, Pouch Pals challenge your inner explorer to find play in your work everyday! This gator friend will munch your tools and keep them safe while going anywhere your adventures take you. To get you started with your next wild project, each pal also comes with three foiled stamped pencils. Interested in owning a pouch pal?

Each pencil pouch is handmade in Portland, OR and includes three pencils.

Specs for Pouch: 4.5” x 11”

Style: Goofy Gator